Khaptad National Park

  • DestinationKhaptad
  • Duration7 days
  • Trip DifficultyMedium
Itinerary Overview Map

Day1: Kathmandu to Dhangadi

Khaptad national park is 440km away from Kathmandu so we will take short flight to Dhangadi. After reaching Dhangadi airport we will go to hotel and take lunch and take some rest. At evening we will take bus to go Bajhang.

Day2: Bajhang

After 6-7 hour long drive we will reach in Tamail, and we will stay overnight at Resort Tamail. In this journey you can enjoy great view of mountains,

Day3: Channa to Khaptad

In the early morning we will start our journey to Channa by Jeep, and we will take our breakfast at channa. Its three hours trek from Meltadi of Channa rural municipality.

Day4: Sightseeing of Khaptad

During the trek to Khaptad Baba Ashram scenery of mountains such as Saipal, Aapi, Gurla Mandhata, Madugra, and Ingaldwar follow throughout the journey. Khaptad Baba Ashram is built by former King of Bajhang where his works and materials are preserved. From Ashram 30 min walk downhill bring us to Triveni confluence of three rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswoti where visitors take Holy dip. Naag Dunga is one of the other must visit destination. You can enjoy the local food in Khaptad for lunch which is mana, batuk and chukani. During the entire journey you will enjoy the sceneries of surrounding Himalayas and rich Flora and Fauna of the region.

Day5: Khaptad to channa to Tamail

After spending day at khaptad national park we will get back to Channa. We can also hire horse from Khaptad to Channa, and continue  journey towards Tamail by Jeep.

Day6: Chainpur to Dhangadi

After breakfast we will pick a bus from Tamail to Dhangadi. We will take lunch at Khopde this is one of the most famous place for local food. After the 30min of lunch break we will continue towards Dhangadi.

Day7: Half day at Dhangadi

In the early morning after Breakfast we will drive for Dodharachadani by local vehicle which is 70km far from Dhangadi. Dodharachadani is longest suspension bridge of Nepal and second longest bridge of Asia it is 1496.5m long which also meets the Indian border. After visiting Dodhara chadani we will head back to Dhangadi and take flight for Kathmandu .

Khaptad National Park is one of best natural paradise situated in far western Nepal and spread over four districts Doti, Bajhang, Bajura and Acham, indeed the boundaries of the four districts meet at a point in Khaptad. It is established in 1984. Khaptad National Park is best known for its religious beliefs, natural beauty, Flora and Fauna. This Park was named after Khaptad Baba (Late Swami Sachchidananda). As per Legends Swami Sachchidananda was an allopathy doctor who turned to ayurveda as he was unable to treat a patient. Visiting this place is like discovering heaven and getting to live in it true to the point it is considered as the heaven of Far western Nepal. It is covered by beautiful oak and rhododendron forests. Bear, Leopard, common langur, musk deer and 260 species of birds, 500 types of herbs and a large number of flora and fauna are found in this national park situated at height of 12 thousand feet from the sea level. There are 53 lakes situated in this area which are excellent areas for bird watching.  One of the biggest tourist attractions is during the period of Carnival which is being held in Khaptap every 14 Jestha of Nepali month which is around last week of May. It is a great opportunity to see far western culture and lifestyle. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of Aphi & Saipal himal from the Khaptad Park as well as you can enjoy trekking.

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