A spiritual Oasis: Bali

A spiritual Oasis: Bali

“When I saw some pictures of places in Bali on the internet, I was always like, “Yeah, they’re just pictures. Nothing on earth can be that clean and cool and dazzling.” This was literally my statement before touching down in Bali. However, after I arrived and started going around, I was out of words and was in shock thinking that the internet could be real sometimes.”

Where do I start? I am confused. If I had to choose a place from where I could never get out, it would definitely be Bali, for sure. Right after I got out of Denpasar Airport (which is where the majority of tourists go through), I felt welcomed by the vibe, by the place itself. The big statues of Hindu Gods outside the airport are mesmerizing by their artistic and religious aspects. The bluest beaches I had ever seen in my life were in Bali. Clean and serene. Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Canguu, and many more places are waiting over there. In my opinion, they’ll never fail to satisfy people’s eyes.

Nature lovers and those who are looking for a place for a break from their hectic life, Bali’s got you!!! Nevertheless, Bali also has an awesome nightlife. Bars and clubs over there were pretty chill and I was not worried about getting stabbed or robbed. People are super nice and always have a smile to give. During my 7 days in Bali, “feeling of boredom” never came across my mind. I was always discovering and learning.

Blog Credit: Ghana Shyam Sharma


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